Namibia is a country in South Africa. It shares boundaries in the north by Angola and by Zambia, in the east by Botswana, and on the east and south South Africa.

Namibia is a member state of the United Nations, SADC, AU, and Common Wealth of Nations.

Tourism in Namibia

Climb the highest sand dunes in the world. Descend to the floor of the deepest canyon in Africa.

Immerse yourself in the past at one of the Africa richest rock art sites, and watch wildlife shimmer against one of the most spectacular pans on earth.

Explore the oldest, driest desert in the world and take time to listen to the silence and to your soul.

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Namibia is home to vibrant cities where people are excited about the future, while remaining deeply connected to their rich, cultural past.

A stable, democratic government, infrastructure that allows guests to move confidently off the beaten path and endless horizons that beckon you to explore define this country and its people.

This is Namibia, where you are sure to find adventure, and you may just find yourself.

Top Places to Visit In Namibia

Etosha National Park

The second largest of Namibia’s game reserves after Namib-Naukluft, Etosha National Park surrounds the vast Etosha salt pan. 

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Namib – Naukluft National Park

The Namib-Naukluft National Park contains both the Namib Desert and the Naukluft Mountain Range. It’s also the largest game park in Africa and a beautiful setting.

Much of the park is made up of red sand dunes, a shifting landscape that you have to see to believe.

Fish River Canyon Park

At Fish River Canyon Park, you’ll be able to see one of the largest canyons in the world.

It is Known in Afrikaans as the Visrivier Afgronde.

The canyon is formed by the Fish River, one of the longest in Africa.

There are several fantastic ways to view and experience Fish River Canyon Park in person.


The coastal destination of Swakopmund. Originally a German colonial city, Swakopmund boasts a lot of colorful and historic architecture.

It is known as the adventure capital of Namibia, and it is easy to see why.

If you visit Swakopmund, you’ll have the chance to go quad biking in the desert, set off on camel safaris, try sandboarding on nearby dunes or just relax on the beach.

There are also dozens of great international restaurants and several fantastic bars serving up locally brewed beer.

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On a visit to Luderitz, you can spot the Deutsche Afrika bank building, old Lutheran churches and the popular Troost House.

Don’t miss a chance to see the nearby ghost town of Kolmanskop, which was once a hub for diamond mining.

Sand dunes have now overtaken the town, making it both eerie and beautiful.

Waterberg Plateau Park

The Waterberg Plateau Park is a large sandstone plateau of red rock that serves as a sanctuary for endangered animals.

Most visitors come for a guided tour that allow you to spot buffalo, rhinoceroses and antelope.
The park is also home to more than 200 species of birds, and it is a breeding ground for Cape vultures.

A few adventurous travelers each week can set off on extensive hikes through the Waterberg Plateau Park.

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The most common place to visit in Namibia is the capital and largest city of Windhoek. If you’re setting on a lengthy safari, there is a good chance that it will start in Windhoek.

However, there are several reasons to stick around and enjoy some time in the city.

If you’re interested in Namibian history, be sure to check out the Parliament of Namibia as well as the old Lutheran church called the Christuskirche. 

Skeleton Coast National Park

The Skeleton Coast got its name from how dangerous it was to sail a ship along the coast in centuries past.

The desolate coastline is known as the world’s biggest ship graveyard till now.

The Skeleton Coast National Park is mostly uninhabited, with a few sparse villages dotting the landscape.
Most visitors come specifically to see the Cape Cross Seal Reserve.

Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay is a major port on the Namibian Coast. It is also a hugely popular destination for travelers and locals in search of desert sports.

At the lagoon, you can try kitesurfing thanks to strong winds on the water.

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Epupa Falls

These waterfalls are created by the Kunene River, and they are spread out over a mile.

Surrounding the falls are colored rock formations, palm trees and fig trees.

Although Epupa Falls is remote and only accessible by 4×4 vehicles, it remains a popular attraction in Namibia.

Most travelers who visit Epupa Falls opt to stay overnight in one of the surrounding lodges.

If you want to add some adrenaline to your day, you can also try out some whitewater rafting along the river.


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